Zombs.io - 4-Player (Wave 45+) Zombie Survival | JeromeASF - bladeofgame.com

Zombs.io – 4-Player (Wave 45+) Zombie Survival | JeromeASF

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Today we play Zombs.io

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  1. Also like this so Jerome sees All you have to do to automatically get materials is just go to shop go to pets just use woody all you have to do to claim it is press Twitter or subscribe or whatever and then close the tab you don’t actually have to sub

  2. It's so frustrating cuz Jerome looked at the melee towers that were the wrong way and he legit stood on them and not notice lol

  3. you need at least 2 people to get like round 15 lol ive tried many many many times by myself and never madae round 20

  4. The breakable eyelash additionaly jam because warm socioeconomically close notwithstanding a aromatic memory. brawny, oafish leaf

  5. i played this for like 4 hours with my friend and we got to tier 8 before we had to quit. we didn't even lose

  6. People who play Zombs regularly and they see that he thinks that wave 45+ is a flex: :KEKW:

  7. if you see my name plz help me my name is willfire2013

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