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Bad itch.io games are the christmas gift that keeps on giving.
Today qzeq comes at you with 70 more or less christmas-themed games… and by christmas-themed games I mean bad indie games, unfinished games and a mysterious discord.exe from the depths.

📕 Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:49 Monki game
01:30 Don’t poo alone 2
02:16 Eminem Quest
02:56 Enraged Elves
03:38 Enter The GLOCK-Chain
04:41 Fartyball FNF
06:02 Half-Life 3
06:28 Mom’s spaghetti adventure
07:02 Mr Breast
07:33 Plitki
08:00 Rocky Ba’boa
08:33 Russian Elmo
09:15 wtf racing game
09:48 discord.exe
10:28 Outro

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  1. This guy has sacrificed his pc more times than I will eat bread in my life

  2. Im still amazed that this guy only got 14k subs. This is top tier YouTube

  3. Mr breast is best game 2021 made by good developer

  4. the lauge he made when he changes the code was so fucking gueinuine and good I almost wet my self

  5. You know it's a bad game when you use arrow keys to move

  6. Amazing. Download all the viruses! XD Some hilarious game premises but idk if I actually saw much gameplay in this mess. Super entertaining though. Well played.

  7. next you should play bean simulator

  8. Holy crap a finnish youtuber who doe not clickbait with their thumbnails and actually speaks very great english? ei jumalauta

  9. whats the song used when a virus kicks in? i wanna listen to it without a penguin screaming about how fucked up their pc is

  10. How do i have more subs than you this is hilarious

  11. Lmao russian elmo sed "enemy behind me' and game crashes

  12. are you finnish? i recognize "vittu" as im finnish myself

  13. Плитки. Это так сложно? Плитки, Плитки шоколада, Плитки на стены.

  14. This channel gives me 2015/2016 vibes.

  15. omt ur underated as fuck
    i just found you today and your vids are fucking great

  16. If my math is correct he has over 653k in those nfts


  18. The russian elmo is actually a copy of another game

  19. try slendergus, sussy slenderman copy (his ai is broken he ignored me)

  20. One of my favourite YouTubers now, can see qzeq as a 1m sub youtuber.

  21. Yes I’m from the future and gameplay in 2022 will look like that

  22. welcome to 2022, games are now made in RPG Maker

  23. Geno sans and error sans and ink Fan123 says:

    Hello from Bulgaria on 2022

  24. pc fucking dies
    The screen recorder: this is fine

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