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WHO IS THE STRONGEST SPERM?! (Weird IO games) (Ovar.io Funny Moments)

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WHO IS THE STRONGEST SPERM?! In todays video we play Ovar.io! You need to log in with facebook to unlock all the Sperm Characters, Dont worry! I did it for you! Now lets find out who is the strongest Sperm! Can we hit 80 likes?!

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  1. subscribe my channle channle name muhmmad shahid channle name you sckoorl ok

  2. i recomend you trying ghost so you can go invis and go throug the egg try it i dare you

  3. My best is 260,000 so ur rlly bad no affect

  4. 😂😂😘😎😋😏😝😝😝😝😝😂😸😹😻🙆💝💥💔😭!

  5. your not good at the game here are some tip saty away form peopln get 5 DEF 5 DMG 5 skill

  6. you are annoing bcz You Say guys all the tine. no hate and i watch your vidios top

  7. So you pretty much die for being gay?

  8. (Gets 1842 even though I don't play the game)Beat it.

  9. I'm more despicable than you, because I'm 1,562,526 k Hahaha

  10. Soldier isnt 'strong.' he's the most balanced.

  11. Am I the only one who cringes because he keeps saying 'over-eye-oh' instead of 'ovary-oh' or 'ovary?'

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