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We Want To Attend The Ritual | 2 Random Scary Itch.io Games

Common Goblin Gaming
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Today we played 2 random horror games! Crux and Channel infinity! We make plans to attend a ritual! It really helps us if you leave a like!! also comment and subscribe if you haven’t yet!!

We now have a website and merch! You also also donate money via the home page to help us with purchasing games and new equipment. Donations are always appreciated, but never required!

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  1. A game that include CRT lines over the screen is always great in my book. Make more of a VHS horror feeling and I love it 😀 Stay awesome!

  2. Dude two games for the view of one nice lets gooooo!! love it great job you two!! Stay awesome!! See you soon!!

  3. What a perfect day to be spooked out of my mind

  4. These look like awesome games to play! Great video guys!

  5. hey common left u two that like have a nice weekend ahead

  6. Goblin…my friend laoalaoalaolaoala 🤪 big like with good watch 😀

  7. Always love the way the pair of you bounce off of one another! Always makes for a much more enjoyable experience! NEVER CHANGE!!

  8. That must be slender man’s fire it’s only slender man would be able to make a fire like that lol to be host I don’t know how Slender man would make it fire I was just Guessing lol anyways awesome video you to give you a like and full watch time keep it up and I shared your video

  9. Love the commentary from the two of you

  10. I remember that commercial as well! Definitely does make me feel old af 😂

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