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Voodoo’s REPETITIVE Mobile Games

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Voodoo isn’t exactly the most well known company when it comes to quality. But are their games really as bad as I made them out to be in the last Voodoo video. A lot can change in a year so maybe their games are actually good now? We’ll see…

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0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Paper.io
2:09 – Dune!
3:13 – Reddit(?)
3:46 – Woodturning 3D
5:38 – Twisty Road!
6:46 – Crowd City
8:11 – Outro
9:06 – Discord Plug
Music Used (In Order)

T3rr0r Music Playlist:

Cut the Rope Theme
FNaF 6 – Creme De La Creme
HL2 – Hazardous Environments
HL2 – Extinction Event Horizon
SSBM – Yoshi’s Story
SMK Wii – Toad Factory
Mario Paint – Creative Exercise
Mother 3 – Mind of a Thief
SSBU – WarioWare Inc


  1. Dune feels familiar; I think it's a rip-off of another game from years ago, sadly.

  2. Dune feels familiar; I think it's a rip-off of another game from years ago, sadly.

  3. twisty road is just worse impossible road 💀

  4. twisty road is just worse impossible road 💀

  5. Imagine a game like Wii Party with all the Voodoo games as minigames

  6. T3err0r: 😡😡😡 Me: 😅 T3err0r: [jumpscare]

  7. It’s about time someone makes a video on them

  8. "Pay Attention To Me?" 😡😡😡😡😡

  9. bro voodoo is literally doodoo 😭

  10. Still work better than Sims4🤷‍♀️

  11. Dune looks like a copy of a flash game I used to play all the time.

  12. Dune, the one game you said was decent isn't even original. I remember playing a game called Dragon, fly when I was a kid that had the exact same gameplay loop. I doubt even that game was the first of its kind.

  13. You dogshit tuber blowing ny headphones out i hope your channel dies

  14. dune is actually a rip off of another game but i don't remember what it was

  15. They really put a no ads subscription on the no internet popup, they know people tryna turn it off to get rid of ads 💀

  16. you see Dune was voodoo before drugs and coke ain

  17. I remember playing a lot twisty road when i was youngee

    Good old days

  18. I don't know why but the Half-Life music just makes it way better

  19. If you think voodoo games are bad then buy the Fat Orange Cat Plush

  20. They created my favorite game Helix Jump, but sadly it got ruined. Please change it back to the Helix Jump from all those years ago Voodoo

  21. I can't remember any of the games when I was younger

  22. I had voodo games on my phons they are good

  23. swipe on dune? bro i've played that game before you just tap the screen not swipe.

  24. When I hear mobile games I think of the good old ones…
    Bean dreams
    Minecrsft Pocket
    Cut the rope
    Where’s my water
    Kick the buddy
    PVZ 1

  25. Whenever I hear the word Voodoo I immediately think of the Dead Island series and Sam B

  26. They renamed Wood Turning 3d to just Wood Turning

  27. Life would most likely be better if voodoo never existed

  28. There should be a compilation for everytime T3rr0r screams/yells


  30. This is a bit of a sequel to the last video I made about Voodoo, in that video I took a look at the company itself and picked apart what made it bad. Feel free to check it out if you haven’t already: https://youtu.be/3VC8xdOZzKA

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