Using MIMIC to trick my Family in! -

Using MIMIC to trick my Family in!

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KREW plays! Who’s the betrayer among us?
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  1. 💋 what's a lipstown alive😂😂😂

  2. When I'm the betrayer, I just stay AFK and sabotage. I won a lot of games.

  3. I love how no one knows to wait after disassemble sparky to delete program 🗿🗿🗿

  4. i laugh just like funny when my friend's know I'm the imposter I know I'm going to win

  5. Funneh was about to say a swear word but she said frick instead

  6. I love when funneh was running and she said what the frick

  7. The oart where funnel try to mimic golds voice with the HI I died out of laughter watching with several times

  8. Krew always makes me smile their my fav YouTubers all is my fav but funneh is my fav mostly

  9. Funneh not thinking to press the button she passes twice when Rainbow is chasing her

  10. Just let lunar make her perfect ramen Rainbow

  11. Why did the chicken cross the road from a cow pooping all the way through

  12. Rainbow Funneh killed her self in rainbows mind oh no I forgot people can’t kill their selves ooop

  13. The HIIII was so kat valentine
    me approved

  14. 1:02
    Broo funnehs 'hi' made go on the floor

  15. jucy lips Draco is at it again.


  16. I was laughing then rainbow was funny and funny got killed

  17. i love how she said my famiky in the title it shows how much she loves her family:)

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