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⛏Today in we play on a Modded Server with HACKS!
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  1. Ssunde next time you use mods you should use the abilities they give you more, just saying ssunde

  2. Oh God it's contagious I had to download it to solve my curiosity if it was better then it looked

  3. Before u say the backwards word i said naive

  4. Umm.. SSundee your
    still not on the leader board your still 9th place you have to be 1st place to be on the leader board

  5. I love your among us mod videos there really funny and very very cool keep them up Ian!!

  6. Im going to play online games and give ssundee free promotion.

  7. It Actually does say something about your water

  8. means there's something about your water that they don't want you to know

  9. He's playing against the AI. Not online. I know cos when he circles someone they go round in an endless tight circle. Not possible with the shitty controls

  10. I thought right stop playing this game and go gym. Now I've sat and watched this guy play for 10 minutes

  11. are you ok ssundee

    I laughed at you 🤣


    Kind of

    : from Elizabeth

  12. did anyone else notice the ip adress?(in the bottom right near the map)

  13. i literly saw Farzy like 4:o6 mins in.


  15. So did you see that guy that was like spinning around that snake that was green spinning around that was me🤣🤣

  16. SSundee: oh ye this going to be ugh good
    Me: um maybe I
    SSundee: nope you watch Listen
    Me: bu…
    SSundee: shhhh

  17. drink naine water like ssundee and r.i.p pro

  18. try playing tabs tottaly acurite battle sim

  19. Pls stop killing me i was subbed 4 years ago

  20. You are so slow I got in five minutes 30,000 🥱🥱😴😴👎👎👎

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