Top 5 .io games of 2017 | Best .io games - , + MORE! - LB 😂 -

Top 5 .io games of 2017 | Best .io games – , + MORE! – LB 😂

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So today i played my top 5 favorite and new .io games .
1 : is the hit online browser game that is considered by many people to be “the new”. Put simply, you are an animal, who eats berries, mushrooms, and other animals in order to grow. You must also drink water to survive. But be careful! There is an established foodchain: as you try to eat smaller animals, you yourself must also not be eaten by bigger animals. Animals with lime-green outlines are your prey, and animals with red outlines are your predators! Some animals have special abilities – for instance, pigs can slide in mud, lions can roar, penguins can slip on ice and dragons can fly!

2 :
Slay is an incredibly addictive 2d arena shooter. It features several gamemodes ranging from a team death match to a straight up free for all. The map itself looks incredible in the games classic 16bit style graphics and blocky textures. In Slayone you’ll start off equip with a small laser rifle that has a fairly low rate of fire and damage output however you are able to find and use multiple weapons from around the map such as a flamethrower or shotgun. Once you manage to land a few kills you’ll notice that the blue bar sitting just under the health bar goes up, once you reach a certain level on this bar you’ll be able to place either a health station or a auto turret depending on what you need. I haven’t survived long enough myself to test but I’m pretty sure you’re only allowed one of each per player on the map at a time!

3 :
Slain is an incredibly addictive arena style free for all fighting game, it is also one of the newer features on our website. Take control of a 2d boxer and battle it out against both enemy players and AI opponents. You can make yourself a lot stronger by defeating either of the enemies or picking up orbs. One of Slainio’s most distinguishing features is its levelling sytstem, this allows for 9 trainable skills and ensures balanced fights for everyone. As a noob you’ll pretty much be safe from other players and as you gain levels you’ll notice there are some people you can not attack due to a big difference in strength. This rule works both ways keeping you safe from the bigger opponents and keeping the little ones safe from you!

Initially it may be a little hard to survive but once you get a hang of the stat system and find what works for you you should be more than ok!

4 : is a free for all survival game based underwater, take control of a queen fish and raise an army made up of various sea critters. You’ll be battling it out against several other players trying to do the same however so take caution whilst swimming around. Taking over the ocean alone is somewhat of an impossible feat however, because of this getting a bigger army is one of the most important things to do. You can do this 3 ways, the first is by eating the food that spawns pretty much everywhere, the second is by taking out another player and stealing their units and the last is by finding neutral fish around the map.

5 :
Jomp is an incredibly addictive io game that puts players into a multiplayer map where your objective is to make it to the finish line. Sounds simple right? Wrong! This game is incredibly challenging and tons of fun, you take control of a ball that bounces constantly up and down and try to make your way over/under the obstacles all around the map. Jompio includes things like spiked floors/roofs, swinging spiked balls and even things like lava that all kill you on contact! Now this won’t completely end your career however it will set you back to the starting line, because of this the game can get quite frustrating but what fun is a game without a little challenge?

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