Top 10 WORST .io Games of 2019 -

Top 10 WORST .io Games of 2019

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Have you ever played an io game that was so bad that you questioned why it was even made in the first place? Today I go through the top 10 worst io games of 2019, an opposite video compared to my 2 videos on the top 10 io games videos I did earlier this year. Enjoy!

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  1. florr io is by far the worst one lmao. Super low drop rates on mildly useable items, zone restriction on a literally linear map. Art… I mean shit looks like it's done on paint rofl.

  2. Lost world io is definelty worst

  3. breh why is there no on it everyone in that game is a bully it has a good concept but the bullies the lag I even froze when I got golden eagle for my first time and I had to reload…

  4. where i its the lazyest game I have ever seen, the fact that skill does not matter as gold eagles can kill bd also when I almost win a 1v1 I get disconnected, this is the worst game of all time.

  5. Nation:do we need more chocolate pop trarts?
    Me:Y E S M O R E

  6. Play krunker .io pls the top 1 best io games

  7. "Trash copies, just straight-out non original games that have tainted the name of io games"

    Sounds like Zombsroyale more that fits the description perfectly to be honest.

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