Top 10 FREE Games on -

Top 10 FREE Games on

Aaron Wigwam
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You asked for more and you go it. An updated list of the top 10 free games available to download on right now. Here’s the direct links to each and every game mentioned! (Spoilers below)

Baldi’s Basics:
One Week My Room:
Aria’s Story:
Rhythm Doctor:
Ba Ba is you:
Butterfly Soup:
Streets of Rouge:
Celeste Classic:
Doki Doki Literature Club:

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  1. Hello! Congratulations for your channel.
    Please, can you review my indie game "This is not a sorcerer's job"? It's a puzzle-platformer with a Metroidvania touch (NPCs included). I am developing it in 5 languages ​​due to the success it is having on my social networks.

    It is still in development, but has about 1 hour of play. Your opinion is very important to me.

    Play on Windows, Linux, Android and Browser:

    PD: Please, excuse me for my poor english.

  2. Ye I have +3 games on steam you are right

    My pc is crap

  3. Try the game Ruff Times! It's a cute idle clicker game about dogs that has totally…nothing…wrong… with it…… it's a great game!

  4. dude dont let biggots stop you from talking about a game with homosexual character lol

  5. another game that is free and great on in my opinion is called Juice Galaxy (aka Juice World) You play as a goofy monster that walks around in a void and fight monsters along with drinking juice. I encourage anyone to at least search up a video about it.

  6. Exit/Corners. Trust me on this one, it is just perfect

  7. We need a 2021 version with games like Friday Night Funkin

  8. you show play candypink on its free and PS-tip hold the knife to her to a secret ending

  9. You're in space and they want you dead is also a very good game! Overknight is cool too!

  10. I love it’s the best you can download stuff for free

  11. The editing and quality of this video are fantastic

  12. butterfly soup is the first videogame I've ever played in my entire life and remembering it's existence shocked me, in a good way

  13. ok 😀
    no spoilers for me. me plays doki doki* me: me wtf is this and why are thies people stabing themselves??!!!

  14. I need the ACTUAL FREE ONES.
    Not those games that you have to download.
    Pls do that kind of video.

  15. Doesn't streets of rogue look like a copy of the escapists

  16. "some of them you haven't even opened,"
    me: how did you know?

  17. if you're a fan of jojo's bizarre adventure, I recommend Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Last Stand. it's a pixelated fighter game. the controls are a little weird but I got used to them quickly. i love it.

  18. oh i got doki doki but after sayoris death i got too scared

  19. Depending how long it takes you to figure out what to do, Doki-Doki could take you up to 7 hours.

    I also suggest We Become What We Behold! It’s a short game, (5ish minutes), but it’s worth it.

  20. Hello Everyone in the comments section, I have made a video game and are wondering if anyone would like to check it out. Please don't spread hate because it was made by me and me only. I'm also no professional at game development, so please check it out and if you want (not asking or forcing) buy it!

  21. I hate 2D games and games where there is only talk with the help of subtitles. I hate reading. That's why I hate storyteller games like number 7 and 1

  22. I can drag click everything and everywhere says:

    And no karlson?

  23. Could you possibly make a video about in browser games please, I have a computer that can't handle downloadable games, heh heh heh. 🙂 Thanks and have a great day!

  24. Why the frick isn't Joe's house on this list this makes no sense I'm going to sue you

  25. Im ypung but i dowload doki doki idk if i regret it or love it

    But thanks

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