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Top 10 BEST .io Games of All Time!

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Ah, .io games. Years ago they used to be extremely popular, and while there are still a chunk of people playing .io games, they’re long past their prime. Since .io games are the reason I have my channel in the first place, I figured that I’d give them a bit more love before leaving them for good.

I will rank the games based on Quality first, Originality second, Popularity third.

“Quality” means how good and polished the game is and how much content it has.

“Originality” means how much the game innovates and how different it is compared to other games including those outside of .io. Generally speaking, “clone” .io games have little to no originality and won’t fare well for this list. Not that I despise the existence of clone .io games, but you get the point.

“Popularity” means how many people played and talked about the game, I will consider both peak popularity and their longevity. Generally speaking, player counts, Youtube views and the activeness of a game’s community can estimate how popular a game is.

Music: “The Descent”, “Mighty Like Us”, “Robobozo” and “Cipher2” by Kevin Macleod


  1. hey if anyone cant affrod real mincraft orginal mincraft so play ( ENJOY!

  2. I'll tell you a joke! Why did the teacher wear sunglasses? Because the students were so bright!

  3. Can someone tell me what this io is called basically theres these people you have to fight theyre red your blue and you have to expand your people to win fights and also upgrade them and then when you start theres this train that you need to get passed through without dying so you could kill them and on the train there is some power ups

  4. moomoo io is a good game
    Its just that all the hackers and the mods and scripts RUIN THE GAME ENTIRELEY
    and you literaly have to get them if you wanna stand a chance against some people

  5. There’s no way anybody eat you like a crab that’s genius or else you do that with a team idiot you already died seriously I know this game is really fun but you died really crazy

  6. Slither io will be the best game idc if the gen z cancelled it best game

  7. Do you that’s so cool the Daddio deep that I am

  8. Hi! Do you want to try a game developed by me in your channel?

  9. Theres no fucking way stomped beat its such a surface level game that has no detail or complex game mechanics.

  10. I like little big snake more than slither. Not a .io game but still fun

  11. I hoped that Zombs Royale was in the fideo :(.

  12. 8:50 Dang, I thought would at least have a spot on the list for how it helped .io games, but at least you acknowledged it. Yeah, is great.

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