This is WAR!! - protecting the corner -

This is WAR!! – protecting the corner

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Feel free to join my diepio discord server is a broswer game
In you control a tank with the goal of destroying other players in the server.
The best way to level up is to destroy other tanks, It’s fun to troll people in the maze, its fun to play with your friends.

The best tanks are – the overlord, the fighter, the necromancer, pentashot, Hybrid . And more that I don’t remember.
FFA, AND MAZE are the best mods for me.

So go and fight, make your own moments.
Diepio is one of the best games.

Music by Ncs –

Track: InfiNoise – Sunlight (Feat. Nilka) [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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Distrion & Electro-light – You and Me (feat. Ke’nekt) [NCS Release]

Track: Distrion – Alibi (ft. Heleen) [NCS Release]
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Track: Jim Yosef – Let You Go [NCS Release]
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  1. New minigame: Bullet Hell
    Who can survive the longest while being sandwiched between 4 armies?

  2. 0:5 when my heart goes ''say whaaaaaaaattttt?''''

  3. hi sinbadx its me / that you kill in 4 teams the smasher one shout out to you your awesome

  4. What is sinbadx discord? I've looked in the description of so many of his videos, in this one it says feel free to join but i don't know the name, any help please? thanks

  5. when a 1 level tank kills 45 level tank in 1 hit 😮

  6. 2:32 – 2 tabs ? =))))) I didn't thought about that ? :)))

  7. Abdullah İslamoğlu • 23 yıl önce says:

    No hack you hack

  8. ✩ 𝓪𝓲𝔂𝓾𝓲𝓲_𝓲𝓷𝓷𝓲𝓽 says:

    Tips on this game?

  9. I killed a spike using a tier one tank he had low health too but his a spike

  10. I was the only one in my team and I killed all the greens

  11. А знаете, что самое забавное? Он не знает как переводится имя того снайпера :)) (0:50)

  12. Hey Bro I See You On Game My Game Name PRO MINER.

  13. This guy solo carrying the team
    Me using stalker with full tank bild and hiding till i am the last tank left in my team😂

  14. Just wanna ask was that you that die guy your alt or something?

  15. I play diep io just because this guy, my highest score is 3,729. I hope to get 10,000 one day 🙂

  16. Don'y underrestimate [The Trapper]. their bullets are hard to destroy and they can make a safezone Everywhere. and 2 Trappers are enough to make a VERY safe safezone

  17. ‘The problem is we kept on winning’ Suffering from success

  18. Yo! I always see you in 4 teams! Didnt know you have a channel, you have my sub!!
    – let acily pass

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