The Weird World of Toast Games -

The Weird World of Toast Games

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Let’s take a look at some toast video games. Video games about toast. You heard me, just some cooked bread related games. Some horror, some not, but all toast. Do you understand. Toast video games, that’s the thing here.

Confraternity of Toast

What’s Jam without Toast

The Toast that died and went to heaven

0:00 Intro
1:40 Duck Duck Toast
3:20 Monster Toast
4:30 The Toast that Died and Went to Heaven
6:25 The Confraternity of Toast
9:27 Favorite Toast Games

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Welp, that’s it… what are you still doing down here
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  1. So… Basically this video is just you griping about stupid games that you played and making me waste 6:38 of my life before I hit the thumbs down button and turned it off…

  2. I was gonna say first but i remebered that i had a family

  3. “Who begins the legion ,is the legion for we are one but millions”

  4. Some wicked fecken toast games jabronie! Lol wonder where this guy's from

  5. The waffle house has found its New host

  6. The Waffle House has found it’s new host

  7. The waffle house has found it's new host

  8. Why are there so many channels that are so aggressive is this funny or what

  9. holy shit dantdm played the last game that's why it looked so familiar

  10. lol some dude is claiming to be you and I asked him to reply to my comment to prove it

  11. love this series! keep up the great work

  12. hm…the waffle house has found its new… toast.

  13. It is back season 2 you must go to the beginning it is back T. M. K. SPREAD IT SPREAD IT hELL IS FUULl YOu ARE NOT sAFE We WILL FIND YOU MR pIXEL


  15. "fan-made toast games" these were made by fans??? fans of what???? toast?????

  16. reminds me of that game "I am bread" lmao

  17. ♡This video is Perfect for me and my user ☆

  18. Peareasterbham yhermam the retroeddestroyed

  19. i instantly thought about "i am bread" as soon as i read the title, anyone else?

  20. Imma sound like a nerd but
    Rule 34 motto is "if it exists, theres p0rn of it"

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