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Today we play and try to get the best tank!
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  1. Fit your play style want to dominate? Overlord, pentashot factory if u master it good. Bullet spammers? Pentashot, octo tank, sprayer, triplets auto gunner,streamliner.spread? Well most bullet spammers have good spread.

    Want good movement speed? Fighter and booster are top on speed. control and traps?trappers.want to troll? Well rammers booster,spike,destroyer and it's upgrades landmine and stalker.

    Want pure damage? Hybrid the Anihlater and snipers (srry for grammer)

  2. he rammed and got 6 levels, I got over thirty levels for stealing someone's kill and the victim was like, superman

  3. Bring back BTD5 man, i spent nearly $600 just buying a computer, getting Steam/Discord, and bought BTD5 just to play a single game with ya but ya had to ditch it for BTD6 🙁

  4. pink triangles are guardian of Pentagon protectors. they spawn until it dies

  5. A tank that's also Sonic the hedgehog. My favorite.

  6. Guys everyone who reads this comment something completely random I don’t care what just do IT

  7. Hes terrible at this game… and the worst part is HE IGNORES EVERYONE WHO IS TRYING TO HELP HIM
    INCLUDING THE STREAM TIPS… It's really annoying, Jerome makes great content he really does, but when he plays this game it really annoys me that he has played alot of times and hes still horrible.. I come here to watch good content… I can't watch amazing content if he doesn't know what hes doing… I mean he can atleast try to get to 10k points…

  8. upgrade bullet penetration jerome – otherwise the bullets will instantly disperse after touching the target, whereas if you upgrade the penetration, it will keep hitting the target for longer before dispersing.

  9. Keep the starting tank and don't get a new tank till level 30 but you can upgrade it's a way to unlock a secret tank

  10. Funniest slip up (sorta of)
    Jerome: yeah I think you can upgrade your tank more like maybe every 10 levels or so.
    Steve: yeah im doing ok im the triple shot right now.
    Jerome: oh really what's that a upgrade of?
    Steve: Twin Towers- uhh twin shot!
    Jerome: uh ok nice!
    Jerome: Steve!
    Me: uhh should I be laughing or what am I aloud to laugh at this or no?

  11. Jrome without you it’s like a world with a broken pencil ,pointless

  12. This channel has your superfans? No jerome, your superfans are the ones who subbed to ALL your channels. (Like me xD)

  13. Jerome the rate of fire is reload
    That combined with bullet speed and penetration is painful to your opposition.

  14. Jerome is the type of guy who tells the stream to just play the game normally but when he is getting killed just get mad and say "pls dont kill me" i mean i know u do dat so u can deliver a more exciting vid/livestream but sometimes it just frustrates me that u tell them to play the game normally but u get mad when u get killed even though the main purpose of the game is to kill the other players(just my opinion)

  15. Full movement speed? Bad idea as it doesnt allow better stuff to level out evenly or better..

  16. Can you pls play more duck game as well, you haven’t did that in a while.

  17. jerome,bullet penetraition is the best tjen get bullet damage than bul speed then reload

  18. Gamma dragon was spinning. That means that he wants to team. He even killed the guy who killed you

  19. Lol i went onto the game and i was on my own server xD

  20. There is a secret class if you just re-spawn just keep collecting xp on the starter tank and don't choose a class and press ignore when the class selection comes up and then when you have a certain amount of xp a new class un-locks best upgrades for the class is health (both) and speed because it doesn't have a gun its bashes people

  21. press e to toggle auto fire so you just have to point

  22. He should go only speed bullet damage and penetration then go sniper

  23. You should always do bullet pen
    and bullet damage
    You should also do reload

  24. Go piercing and bullet damage cause then the bullets will hit multiple times.

  25. Copy this and search fantasy tank builder then paste it in the export/import idk if it will work tho here it is 32*spuare*#00b2e1[]

  26. Best Tritton you getting the flame girl then you get this thing this more free games

  27. The next round you joined in the beginning on the leader board somebody cursed! Ps:you should censor or blur it.

  28. Dude Gamma Dragon wasn’t even trying to kill u

  29. Bro bullet damage sucks

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