The MANAGER Class is OP! ( -

The MANAGER Class is OP! (

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Today in I use a new Overpowered class and go invisible!
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  1. I was in the video at 10:44 I was Sebastian, I was 9 or 8 back then, man I can’t believe I was in his video😅

  2. Ssundee, have you seen the overlord? Yeah its quite crazy, and you did do a great strategy!

  3. Ssundee isn't just 4k it is 4m if you look at the views

  4. i saw you in da wild im not watching this vid

  5. I think i was playing with ssundee it was insane i was playing 2 teams i wasent kiding

  6. factory is more op
    because it creates tiny drones that shoot tiny bullets that do tons of dmg with tones of drones and the reload goes to the drones too

  7. Ssundee, you do know the can see your name, health, and stats… right?


  9. When you hear a karen say “I would like to speak to your manager” just show them this video

  10. How do you level up so fast in the sandbox?

  11. W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W D W D D D W WW W

  12. The funny thing is, EVERYONE knows exactly what's going on and it's really easy to find managers, just kill their drones and look at where they spawn

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