The Bizarre World of Games -

The Bizarre World of Games

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This took forever but was a blast to make. I know it may seem like I didn’t like these games but honest to god these had a lot of charm to them.
Games (in order) are: Fat Bear Week,
Theorem, I See You, Super Snake 3D (god bless),
Celestial Hacker Girl Jessica.
Songs used (in order)
Street Fighter V – Alex Theme
Spelunky HD – Black Market Theme
Sonic 4 OST – Casino Street Zone Act 2
Heaven Pierce Her – CHAOS
Super Mario Odyssey – Dinosaur Theme
LevelHead OST – Breakroom Bop
PSP Persona Ost – Mad Hospital
Sonic Mania OST – Level Clear
Kevin Macloud – Meatball Parade
(the distorted versions were done by me)
Omori OST – Nawa
Omori OST – Wandering Rose
Kevin Macloud – Atoms and Particles
Omori OST – Forest Frenzy
Heaven Pierce Her – ORDER
Rhythm Heaven OST – Munchy Monkey Circus
Sonic Mania OST – Stardust Speedway Act 1
Rivals of Aether OST – Full Steam VENGEANCE
Omori OST – Jawbreaker
Sonic Colors OST – Sweet Mountain Act 2
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  1. Bro, I found u in a Jawsh video comment. Very cool find

  2. I just found your channel and now I’m gonna binge watch every video lol

  3. 1:21 Hah, that's not gonna stop people from spamming angry comments saying they love that game and it deserved a better rating or thinking a game Is good/bad cause they saw a random guy on the internet do a Review about it, just happens everytime.

  4. Wait how don’t you have way more subs? This content is so high effort

  5. ngmhngnhmngmmh super snake 3dk enflllm333333333>%${P^"$L&^#{:^">#$">:^][][[]/].[$#<":%#>%@"@@@@">:$%#{@}{%#$%_+%#{}$%#:%:>:;'.43';5,./].345';23%$@":#$^:$:%":$#%>":":,,./3$>$#<>%?>>$#"

  6. everyone is popping off for super snake 3d, but the true hero of this video is celestial hacker girl jessica, it's the best part of the video because sweet mountain sonic colors.

  7. 1/5 video not enough 3D snake

    Edit: Video has 3D snake 5/5 video

  8. Bro that game is pretty iron tier, but I think the sequel is aluminum tier

    metal noises

  9. what the fuck why is your editing THIS good

  10. Funny guy, but number of subsribers are so Smol, like my epp.

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