That Moment When Everything Goes RIGHT! Territory Games io - Territorial IO -

That Moment When Everything Goes RIGHT! Territory Games io – Territorial IO

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Territorial IO gameplay with CG! Let’s play Territorial IO and check out a battle royale game where you try to defeat your enemies and take all the territory.

Territorial IO:

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  1. relying on other players to help you fight the crown in this game is the worst


  3. Allah the Pig is def going to make some people mad.

  4. thx alot for playing my country finland❤❤❤❤

  5. day 182837362,638353752625272 of asking cg to play as mozzarella cheese

  6. Make longer videos please .. I use ur videos to sit back relax n sleep.. oh wait this is the main channel.. nvm, I thought this was the 2nd channel

  7. It's annoying how he says CCCP on latinic while that is actually sssr (ussr)

  8. I dont think soviet union was attacking you because of the crown

  9. i have been watching you for a month now and i can’t help but to watch every single video you upload in both of your channels 👍🏼 keep it up i see a good future up ahead

  10. If you had to give one tip to the less skilled players amongst us, what would it be?

  11. ngl i was worried when i saw finland being surrounded by stalin, russia, soviet union, and great soviet union.

  12. Pls stop with the "it's always me bots attack" complaint, we can clearly see in some of your videos that where you were not attacked first, or even were attacked second and called that the first attack…

  13. Älkää kattoko mun vanhoi videoita says:

    Finally he played as Finland😇

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