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Taming.io Random *Pet Challenge* With a Twist! #tamingio #iogames

Major Meowzer
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Taming.io Random *Pet Challenge*. On the channel, we do taming.io gameplay, taming.io raids, taming.io guides, how to play, kill compilations, and much more!

Platinum X made a video similar to this already so if you want to watch it here is the link

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  1. Sad my dreams is black cat you used him sad

  2. just watching the vladimir guy makes me angry bow spammers are bad

  3. All i have is Ostrich, Snow wolf, Owl, Dragon fairy, fennec and fox only 50 tames

  4. I'm in major 😀
    Can you help me up badge ?
    Id me:360426

  5. I have a question for you major whats you favourite pet skin it can be any pet

  6. Which skin do you like the least, for me its the ugly mushroom

  7. Major can you plz unlock All my fairies plzzz

    I beg!!!

  8. my friend you just got your self a new sub.

  9. meawzer wheres ultoamato?
    🙁 hes not rec foevr:(

  10. meanwhile i would roll the number for a pet i didnt have lol

  11. I'm sub oh and keep up the good work dude

  12. Make a tips and tricks video for Free to PLay PLayers plz

  13. new video suggestion: you open a pet chest ether a 500 one or a 2000 one and you use the 3 pets that come out of the chest. and for your weapon you use a weapon the starts with the same letter as one of your pets ex: skunk=sword or spear. but if their isn't one then buy another chest till their is one.tell me what you think about this video suggestion 🙂

    btw you can edit this idea a bit if u need or want to i dont mind 😉 but if you do use this idea gimme a should out plz and thank u.

  14. Day 3 of asking for gift code
    would do on latest video but… ye.

  15. U will never get 20k subs if u stick to that game

  16. he anoying putin is very anoying ask someone to defend someone from that idiot putin

  17. putin is hacker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he can kill you in 6 hits!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

  18. This is a great movie everyone should take their time to watch 👒👑🍓

  19. damn you wasted alot of time deciding the black cat skin XD

  20. The sucker named Vladimir Putin (also sucked in real life lmao)
    Just annoying -_-
    If I,I just take all combo and kill him toxicly ;>

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