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Taming.io – Crazy Pet Battle Arena + Pet Battles #tamingio #iogames

Major Meowzer
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Today i made a pet battle arena in taming io! On the channel, we do taming.io gameplay, taming.io raids, taming.io guides, how to play, kill compilations, and much more!

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0:00 Intro
0:17 Building Arena
1:25 Taming Animals For Battle
2:13 Explaining Rules
2:40 Fennec Fox VS. Rabbit
3:53 Bear VS. Sheep
4:33 Bear VS. Snow Wolf
5:13 Bear VS. Polecat
6:30 Black Cat VS. Owl
8:53 Outro

#tamingio #iogames


  1. First I’m coming back from school I’m still in bus

  2. wild animals fight for death
    tamed pet when he low hp he trying to run

  3. You shouldve tamed deer cuz deer is op its a plant pet so it have life steal

  4. 8:11 bruh you forgot to change team to all when chating with raider

  5. I this best video that i have in my life and it is also epic the pvp xd

  6. Omg you call the snow wolf that's a snow fox okay they look different but I now them

  7. u channel is interesting and I'm watching your vid a few times
    and… I sub!

  8. куплю 3 ельфа за 250м гемов

  9. The ice bagde person is Stupid for destroying you arena here is your bagde: ❄ bagde

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