Taming.io Bats Episode: V -OP Pet Combos- #tamingio #iogames - bladeofgame.com

Taming.io Bats Episode: V -OP Pet Combos- #tamingio #iogames

Major Meowzer
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Taming.io Bats Episode: V -OP Pet Combos-. On the channel, we do taming.io gameplay, taming.io raids, taming.io guides, how to play, kill compilations, and much more!

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  1. @Major Meowzer what do you use for recording and editing can you tell me.

  2. Question: if u buy pet skin will other players see the skin? Or is it only u?

  3. Can you put your name in the game please

  4. At the end why u let him spike u, that is stupid mistake u know he gonna do that

  5. Major Meowzer is way better than mr monster!!!! Mr monster videos are trash and boring

  6. Would you ever maybe 1v1 me? Also ggs on using my combo

  7. If I'm in Ur place I will kill them all until they leave 😉

  8. u better than mr monster 10 times better he just uploads not quality content and JUST CLICK BAITS SO MUCH u much better then him
    btw how u have so much money O.O

  9. yo soy buena matado musiegalos UwU

  10. Yooooo MR MONSTER got roasted!!!!!!!🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  11. Few other reasons y ur better than mr monster: you actually record with your voice, have a handcam, and have non cringy music. Honestly have u tried watching one of Mr monsters videos with the sound on?? Lol also u have valid grammar, unlike him

  12. Yeah maybe its best combo, but you looking like a noob with it. I instakill with only 2 bats.

  13. Its so annoying when you try and level up your pets and you keep dieing the same thing happens to me i get so mad lol

  14. Can you do 1 bat pls, i have only one so…

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