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Super – Game Trailer (Spil Games)

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Escape ravenous reptiles with smooth, wave-like movements and survive and thrive in the endless onslaught! Turn your snake into a gigantic super snake with an appetite to match the fiercest of survivors.
Your opponents won’t stop chasing you until they swallow you whole. It’s mealtime and the hunt is on in the relentless world of! Do not hiss-atate to strike with speed, spit poison, use spikes to your advantage and swallow your opponents to become the scaliest and scariest of them all!

Eat or be eaten! Use strategic moves to avoid ending up in the stomach of your enemies. Feast on other snakes, swallow red dots to grow then gobble up blue dots to boost your speed.
Supersize your snake! The bigger you grow, the tougher you’ll get…but keep an eye out for spiked walls and, of course, your own tail. Collect boosters and spit venom to dodge and dominate your cold-blooded competitors. Turn the scales in your favor with agile movements, the right speed and your unrivalled instinct to survive.

Collect 5 rare golden dots to enter SUPER SNAKE mode and become immortal! Use it wisely to wipe out the toughest opponents, no matter what their size. Watch as other snakes recoil in fear as you blast around the board, killing everything in your path.

– Get hooked on the non-stop action and addictive gameplay
– Compete worldwide in this free real-time multiplayer
– Slither your way to the top of the leaderboard
– Spit your venom and kill as many snakes as possible
– Eat boosters to maximize your speed
– Activate the mighty Super Snake mode
– Unlock cool & funny skins for your snake!
– Earn awesome achievements
– Play wherever you want across all platforms (phone, tablet and desktop)

This snake pit is not for the faint-hearted! Escape the venomous attacks of lethal snakes controlled by opponents from around the world in this exciting remake of the classic Snake! Use speed-ups and deadly venom as you battle to stay alive! You’d better become the most vicious reptile FAST, or face the slithery wrath of the feeding frenzy.

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