SUPER ADDICTIVE NEW .io Game | Part 1 (IOS/Android) | New / Game -

SUPER ADDICTIVE NEW .io Game | Part 1 (IOS/Android) | New / Game

MasterOv Mobile Gaming
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SUPER ADDICTIVE NEW .io Game | Part 1 (IOS/Android) | New / Game SUPER ADDICTIVE NEW .io Game | Part 1 (IOS/Android) | New / Game
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  1. Call you company Ovline! 🙂
    BTW: If you're serious and are looking for a bad-ass coder, who can basically build anything web, Android, or iOS, write back! 😉

  2. I got victory 10 times on that game on my iPhone X

  3. The people are bots they all have the same names every time and you can play it in airplane mode

  4. "Master Ovolutions"
    Ov + evolution, like you are evolving games. I would SO get your games!!

  5. Haha i won like 30 times and u are going crazy cuz u win like 1 time

  6. You should tell them to make different skins instead of just plain colors

  7. Hey master ov I played with notorious c.a.t.

  8. Make a game company and call it


  9. I think the other players aren’t real only bots

  10. I completed the game to master 1 rank in just over an hour somehow

  11. I love so much this game 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    #1 best game on the APP STORE

  12. I completed the game and got 104 wins

  13. You get the fire boost by hitting other players red button

  14. It only goes to Master 1 I’m on that one

  15. I think they use bots cuz I see the same names everyday

  16. You get th a fire effect when you hit someone's red bumper on the back of them

  17. You say 6 6 six bad person but it is okay but do not say 66 six again okay cool

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