Streamers CATCH *HACKERS* in Games! - Twitch Clips -

Streamers CATCH *HACKERS* in Games! – Twitch Clips

KrunkiesM1 – Krunker Clips
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Streamers CATCH *HACKERS* in Games! – Twitch Clips
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0:25 – 0:52 AndiBops
0:53 – 1:00 Moon_Juice
1:01 – 1:20 Syctis
1:21 – 1:45 steezyspaceman
1:46 – 2:02 DanLLB
2:03 – 2:32 AndiBops
2:33 – 2:58 Syctis
2:59 – 3:12 FrostyWolf
3:13 – 3:35 Moon_Juice
3:36 – 4:25 Syctis
4:26 – 4:53 Moon_Juice
4:54 – 5:13 KashyKK
5:17 – 5:33 Syctis


  1. Can I get some KR I have like 80 and I never got a heroic and my ign is AuroraClapz

  2. I accidentally hacked on stremzz when I started cuz this games garbage anyway lmao

  3. maybe the guy uses the new krunker mod which is OP

  4. Cant trust those Ducks NEW WAR DUCKS VS PIGS | PIG GANG FOR LIFE

  5. they dont hack, they just have a good gaming chair

  6. Anyone else think alot of the "hackers" at the end especialy didnt particularly look like they were hacking

  7. can someone please tell me which song was frosty listening to in his part of the clip. i like it

  8. How do they see the enemies gamer tag and health thing through walls

  9. I am so afraid of getting hackertagged but i never used hackss…. Feel bad for all the ppl who lost all of their items cause they were hackertagged

  10. Finding hackers are not a surprise, I find them all the time

  11. Imagine if I was guessing where people was behind a wall (for fun), and a streamer was spectating me the whole time

  12. Hackers can just make a new account and hack it's so unfair

  13. Hi. My name in game S-T-A-R pls gift me kr. Pls help me.

  14. Oh my the music claimers really jumped on this video😂😂

  15. Can anyone teach me how to use an aimbot plz id: navaneethappu

  16. oH MY goD iTs KrOonKIesM1 leTs DoWNload SoMe HAcKs TO Get INto HiS ViDeo

  17. Person walking down a street sees SOMEONE **WAVING** AT HIM

  18. Tips for you:

    Never hack if you meet StreamZ, or you will be surprised after Refreshing your game.

    sorry if the english is not good.


  19. Why are there soooo soo many hackers in this krunker krunkie game

  20. not even enjoying this vid i just hate them so much

  21. 2:40 yo what the fuck he just falsely banned someone i hope KPD doesnt spectate me im definately getting banned if that guy did.

  22. i kill the fucking verb guys when they have 20 kill streak with the aimbot just use for this xd sorry Coke i kill you baby

  23. I don’t think there hacking they just have a good gaming chair

  24. catching hackers in krunker is like breathing… bro… every 2nd game has a obv aimbotter/wallhacker.. idk why he is like "clip it clip it" when it is fucking normal in krunker

  25. i realized everyone was just hackers in this game except some people are better hackers and others are just too obvious.

  26. hi so i started hacker hunting resently and its so fun finding hackers and reporting them to kpd my user in entity4040 in krunker

  27. Is nt hack, it's sensei Game atte forssken

  28. Oh boi whenever i see stremz i just wants that he should get unbanned and a 2nd chance man

  29. this streamer we need stop em lol
    from hacking

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