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Slither.IO | Today we play to see if we still have what it takes to be the #1 snake in the world!

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  1. BACK FOR 3yrs!!!!!😊😊😊

  2. That's time I got a b on that day game Last time I got a d on that game There he died on number80 And I was so sad Can I go back to my middle fought wider80 But then I made it to fit but And I made it too1000 And I was so happy at the And I was so big at the killer the body who wants fucking right now

  3. Gaming kev yyour snake is very long bredda

  4. I still watch these videos everyday they never get old I miss you Old gaming with Kev: (

  5. Who else came back just for the nostalgic memories ❤

  6. Kev are you God or no God because how did you get that far I couldn't even get that far so are you a God or not.

  7. Hold up that's me matias Why did you kill me that I'm not your big fan anymore

  8. Your name in this game is Tyler. My real name is Tyler.

  9. I thought he met his name was Tyler when he said that😢

  10. the good old times,Kev I watch your content since I was 6, I've always wanted to meet you in person, im 10 now, but I still binge watch your videos.i watched the scary elevator, and ant simulator.Gosh its been so long

  11. Play diet and I got 10,000 I am not kidding for real

  12. Play diet and I got 10,000 I am not kidding for real

  13. I loved when he used to say the fl word and all the other cuss words

  14. can u make a funny video i dont get pick

  15. Yay now he's in 1st place. Give him 10 billion likes and subscribes and bells

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