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Welcome to a let’s play on Slitherio (, in this video I play through the game and slither into trouble!

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  1. I once went second but first place is impossible

  2. Are snakes canabals cause they eat each other

  3. 64327 my score i have done on mobile btw love ur vids keep it up

  4. Once I was top on leaderboard lol people kept just running into me lol

  5. SuuuuuusssCHANNELPlplsplsplssplssssss SUB AND LIke says:

    My high score is 70504 and I also was no.1 I am also pro

  6. Great work done SB! Once I killed at 36000 snake and all hell broke loose lol. My highest is 39000

  7. Well done Sb! It was your 1st time for a while playing it, I'm proud😉😉. My highest score was 14066

  8. I remember back in 2017 when everyone was playin this, that was a good time

  9. High score :21874
    Have you found the code cosmetics yet?
    Love yur vids SB keep it up!

  10. İ love your videos and mu best score is 54184.

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