Secret creepy level - Secret creepy level

Don’t Turn Around
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Like: 95861 has a secret level. This video will show you how to get on it.

Tutorial: The secret level can only be accessed with a snake of a certain size, and by attacking the border in a particular direction. After hearing about it forever on the forums, we investigated and recorded what happens when you enter the secret level of

Sorry about the gameplay lagging on the screen. Our recording software isn’t great and our computer isn’t graphic intensive. But we hope you enjoy our gameplay and use this tutorial to open the secret level yourself.

If you can get further in the game than us, please comment below. We’d love to know what happens after we died.

What is your largest snake? Let us know in the comments. We will also give you a update when someone bests our gameplay and gets further on in the game.

Check out my other channel “The Creepy Phone” for other creepy and scary stories that happen on your phone:

Don’t Turn Around is a channel where you might get scared, but the horror is always fun!


  1. even this is fake i will say the edits are still very cool and smooth

  2. nice edit but that point legit made me die inside

  3. I tried wearing headphones is loud

  4. Fake fake fake fake fake dont trust people its edited plus dont turn around or you will subscribe to this channel

  5. シ︎Tᴏᴍɪᴏᴋᴀ_Kᴏᴄʜᴏ☺︎︎ says:

    you gave me nightmares congrats now I'm gonna try to think of n@k3d shinobu.

  6. I used to be bigger than the creepy snake I was like immortal until I got defeated at my biggest score one small snake to defeat me and that's all

  7. I remember when I used to believe this and I couldn't sleep for days😭

  8. That is so fake because there was a player called killer snake and it’s prob edited


  10. I love how when you go inside the wall the map changes into a star

  11. when you die the leaderboard is still showing and the snake is red for a moment

  12. dude even if i knew the jumpscare in 2:27
    i still got jumpscared lmao

  13. What there's a secret level that I didn't know bru I always crash to that wall even if I'm a top player nothing works

  14. When I first watched this, the night after I hallucinated a giant slither io snack in my hallway

  15. I like snakes they are cool but i need to stay away from them

  16. melon playground buchukoykoys gaming minecraft says:

    Wtf I see little 1 fast background is color 666 666 red so slow with 00.25

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