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Bad Games are back better than ever!
Today qzeq jumps into the trashpile on the search for the worst indies, funny meme games and the obligatory Elden Ring clones.

📕 Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:21 Cute Cat
01:19 “Dark Souls”
02:36 Slav Driving Sim
03:12 FIFA but FUN
04:03 Funkin Trashpile
05:12 GTA Malaysia (Naruto CJ)
06:27 Hotel Mario
07:36 Funny puzzle game
08:38 Pure Motorsport 2022
09:25 The Wants of Summer
10:33 Outro

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  1. Your gonna ram a game whit somthing 😳😈

  2. give me a link to the funny fifa

  3. 5:12 it's not made in Malaysia but Indonesia 😅It's a bit weird💀

  4. Anybody here knows Ibeyond like me ? ( The man who created fifa but violence)

  5. Ic ok, but if ic pirets…. Wel… U dont wana now…

  6. 5:15 thanks for playing Gta El Vandreas because it's created from Indonesian people 🗿

  7. That gta from indonesia not malaysia

    And the developer have youtube is : Livander Gamedev

  8. qzeq do you unistalll the games you download when done making a video?????

  9. Damn bro ur country made pixel world my fav game ever

  10. you should try GTA Indonesia by Naufal irfan

  11. 5:12 that actually from indonesian the developer has a youtube channel

  12. 6:26 not gonna lie that CJ looks better then deinitive edition CJ lol 😀

  13. 1:49 i love how the text is in portuguese and hes reading in spanish

  14. Gta elvandreas It's made in Indonesia, the name of the maker of livandergamedev

  15. 5:14 is game indonesian not game malaysia this guy's game @livandergamedev
    sorry if my words are wrong because i'm not english i'm indonesian (maaf jika kata-kata saya salah karena saya bukan bahasa inggris saya orang indonesia)

  16. This is a certified Norton antivirus classic

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