RANKING The Top 10 itch.io Games of The WEEK! PLUS 2 BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS!! - bladeofgame.com

RANKING The Top 10 itch.io Games of The WEEK! PLUS 2 BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS!!

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Top 10 itch.io Games of The WEEK! Best of indie Games! Sam’s back at it again bringing you the best of all the indie games posted to itch.io this week! If you’re looking for the top 5 itch.io games to play this week, you’re in the right place!

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0:00 – intro: Top 10 itch.io Games of The Week
2:16 – #10: Dr. Noir by Uniday Studio

3:10 – #9: PlatformEGG by Tricky_Fat_Cat

4:04 – #8: MACHINA by Harry Alisavakis

4:57 – #7: No Fish to Die by BCKR

6:04 – #6: Solais by DragonXVI

7:15 – #5: Keep it Alive by Daniel Mullins

8:40 – #4: Duplicators by Competitor

9:40 – #3: Tiny Fragments by DazLog

10:36 – #2: TumbleWeed by Nicolas Mey

11:34 – #1: Milkman Karlson by Dani

12:56 – Join me LIVE later today!!

13:12 – outro: Top 10 itch.io Games of The Week

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  3. If you don't mind, what editing software do you use?

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  5. when he coughed I was about to legit sanitize my laptop

  6. Love learning about new indie games. ( particularly platformers ) Just out of curiosity , what got you into doing these videos? XD

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  8. i smell….
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