Playing Old Dead IO Games! -

Playing Old Dead IO Games!

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Playing Old Dead IO Games!
Today I play some old games that no one plays anymore xD. Clan tag [DM] I always appreciate constructive criticism so put your HONEST opinion on this video and my channel as a whole in the comment.

If you want to play with me, join Quad Clan server…

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Alex Skrindo – Anyway

JJD & Alex Skrindo – Elation


  1. I actually played some of these the other week. I guess I am dead too.

  2. lol 🙂 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Tbh I'm better at than other .io games xD
    Nice vid, I would liked to see more 😀

  4. For next vid try and if u have steam try Paladins ( if u don't want to rec. If do it XD) . Nice vid Bro 😉

  5. Love the videos and we should make a video one day 💯💯

  6. Wow i didnt know about these io games they look nice

  7. Your awesome (do I grammeh write?)

    I hate fidget spinnerz xD

  8. (DM)

    did something just dead?

    old io games of course :v

  9. Looking at fidget spinners for so long made me a little sick

  10. Soon they have got to make a game called

  11. 1:50 Thats why sometimes we shouldn't forgot some .io games because after that, maybe it could have a big updates like that
    BTW, I think u are the only youtuber that play this mode

  12. Title DEAD .io games expectations Zombie games video Thinks tos3lf i guess zombies arent a thing anymore

    Edit: i acciendently typed games instead of .io games lol


    (If u didnt notice this a joke have a good day sir)

  14. Oh and just hom many intros u have like daamn

  15. I wouldn't say their dead….. xD Great video!

  16. I remember a old old super dead up game that does not exist any more (in it you swing a hammer and gain these money bags to make ur hammer bigger)

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