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Operation Max Aggression – Territorial IO

Corgi Circus
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Territorial IO is a free game on PC and mobile. Hope to see you on the battlefield!


  1. Fun Fact: Greece has the longest National Anthem

  2. The maps with mountaina seem really weird. People spawn there ans xant get out. Nice vid btw🤣👍

  3. Why do I always understand: if you haven't made it this far in the video 😅

  4. Corgi "no teammates?, Fine I will do it myself" next mountains steamrolls everyone except those hiding 😂😂😂.

  5. 🥧 pie is life pie is life pie is life🥧 says:

    "Fighting two players is always going to be better than fighting one." – Corgi Circus, 2023 7:00

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  7. Day 10:a little while back you said you were going to do a tips and tricks video, are you still planning on making it? If you don’t mind me asking

  8. It’s funny how I actually thought TerraNova was going to be a thorn, but ended up becoming a rose in the end. Leave it to Corgi to make at least 1 friend at the end of the round! Ha!

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