Oney Plays Games - EP 1 - Mouse Sim, Scooby, Wingman, Ravenfield -

Oney Plays Games – EP 1 – Mouse Sim, Scooby, Wingman, Ravenfield

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  1. Have people ever asked if thats zacks real voice or is everyone too afraid to ask

  2. The plane game looks extremely like ace combat. I couldn't be bothered to remember the games name sorry lol.

  3. Honestly, I think Lyle' s laugh is underrated. It's so full of happiness and it makes me smile whenever I hear it.

  4. "I don't believe in the second amendment so I use a hammer to defend myself" I-

  5. I now know what Trump pretending to be Batman sounds like

  6. I always make popcorn for these games just because oneys horror games remove nightmares

  7. 13:31 Lyle laughing like a maniac after that genuine scream made ME laugh like a maniac… but more crazily.

  8. 12:09 I still occasionally have "Press 2 to POOK?" pop up in my brain out of nowhere.

  9. The real Scooby snacks were the friends we made along the way

  10. I can't understand what Zach is saying after Lyle tell he got 2 hostages but he is not the joker

  11. 9:44 “wingman there’s a place you can go I say WING MAN”

  12. I want zach to do a full cover of the YMCA parody wingman with that voice.

  13. "I did the math one time, Scooby Doo dies in like 1973."
    -Zach "psychicpebbles" Hadel

  14. I can't believe Oney Plays happened upon Project Wingman before it blew up and became one of the best flight arcade games ever made, and they only spent a few minutes playing it LMAO

  15. You know whenever I play games like this, it makes me wanna die in a real war.

  16. Chris starting Wingman: I always wish there was a game like this but good.
    Ace Combat Series: Am I a joke to you?…

  17. The idea of someone kicking something so hard it flies into the wall and the kicker falls over is slaying me

  18. today july 22 2021 at 5:25pm. a rat entered my room. in my discord with one other person, who is a subscriber to this channel, i asked him to be quiet as i was looking for something to hit the rat with as it had not noticed me yet. he suggested i use my belt. i took my leather belt off and used it like a whip to hit the rat 3 times until it stopped moving. the person in my discord then linked me to this video as it is where he got the idea. so thank you for telling your story as it assisted me in killing a rat today with my belt.

  19. Lyle is way too proud of the lives he took from generations of rat families. I swear every few episodes he's bragging about it and saying he'll do it again.

  20. If anyone can name the song at the end, I'd really appreciate it…

  21. I have a theory that the rat game is a Sad Satan type of thing, where the guy who created it is actually a serial killer and the screams in the game are actually the screams of his victims that he recorded earlier on.

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