*NEW* .io BATTLE ROYALE GAME! - Surviv.io #1 - (BEST .io GAME YET?!) - bladeofgame.com

*NEW* .io BATTLE ROYALE GAME! – Surviv.io #1 – (BEST .io GAME YET?!)

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ANOTHER *NEW* .io BATTLE ROYALE GAME! – Surviv.io #1 – (BEST .io GAME YET?!) ANOTHER *NEW* .io BATTLE ROYALE GAME! – Surviv.io #1 – (BEST .io GAME YET?!)
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  1. this is bob. bob has no friends 1 like equal 1 friend

  2. I need lvl 3 vest but the level 3 vest is at the right

  3. And I did not have any bandages noir med kits noir pills

  4. there is a level three helmet and military backpack that is level three

  5. lol whos watching when the game is popular? 2019

  6. The vest that looks like a plastic bag is the level 3 vest

  7. You should pick up as much ammo as you can even if you can't use it

  8. when i press F or any other button while playing, a mini search bar pops in the bottom of the screen and it doesn't let me pick items or open doors etc.. Any help please ?

  9. if you get hire than 50 adrenaline you get a speed boost so try to drink as much soda as you can also if you get hire than 90 youl heal way faster

  10. by the way also if you go into the red zone you don't loose much life its a very slow process so if you see stuff in the red zone that are in reach you should get so you should've gotten that soda at the end of the video

  11. Idk how I even got to this video but it's so weird seeing people play Surviv when it came out. The gameplay is so cringy compared to what it is now but it's really cool seeing the game without bunkers, unique buildings, special loot, rare guns, or airdrops.

  12. I found this game at school before and we played squads with my friends and we played it so much that my school blocked the whole website

  13. narwhal.io and you can also get airdrops if you have a flare gun and the airdrops give you REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOOD stuff and diep.io

  14. I am kinda bad at this game but my best is 3 kills but you are better than me

  15. you do know you passed a level 3 bag right in final round and a level
    3 vest rounds before last

  16. MasterOv The red one is the best and also the M9 is also very good.

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