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Most Played io Games

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Amount of players per month on the io games. You can see the rise and fall of some populair games from your youth! I made some gameplay of the number one games but dont judge me about my plays 🙂
Hi, I created this channel because I love making videos! I was always interested to see how I could form some numbers in chards. With these kind of videos I can share the knowledge with you guys and discuss about facts or outcomes.

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  1. 75 subs??!?!?! its low quality compared to what you expect but i think these should have 1-10K Subs

  2. Can the next be about most Twitter followers?

  3. Why agario players are decreasing? Is it monthly players?

  4. Holy Servant To Jesus's Christ Roberts Rode says:

    Nice channel ♡☆ ❤👍👀👍 Love your stuff keep up good job !/// 😆

  5. Really good vid! This is the content a person needs

  6. Really well done video, But where did you get the info for the players a month, Since some games like and only show user online at that moment.

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