in 2023 (New Hack/Glitch?) - in 2023 (New Hack/Glitch?)

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Hey guys, I played again in the first time in about a year and found a new hack/glitch. This game is on the down fall but, I do enjoy the new map and it was pretty fun tbh to play again other then whatever happened at the end?

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  1. I just came back to the game after 3 years and servers are dead😢 only if I hadn’t rage quit after getting golden eagle then lose it 5 seconds later.

  2. took me 10 hours to load in and got clapped by a rabbit.. so laggy no wonder ppl quitting

  3. м🌸𝔱ᴇŘㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ says:

    O MY YOUR BACK <3333333333333333333333333

  4. at the end i think that guy was hacking, ive never seen that before

  5. Hey old friend, I used to be a huge fan of yours, as well as all of the other OG mopers like Nation and Dark Sunrise. Glad to see you're doing well man, I honestly haven't played mope in ages too, as KOA and the devs have completely ruined it, or in my opinion atleast. Anyway, you may not remember me, but just wanted to say hello, and wanted to note myself that I still remember and care about you.

    🙂 Thanks for the memories

  6. What’s a good device to play this damn game on lol

  7. so i dont know if you figured this out or not but what they were doing was a leaked hack but it has been patched but now 1v1 bot is back sorta and idk when it will be fixed

  8. my parents never brought me any consoles and this game was my whole childhood , I am now 18 miss this game so much

  9. I hate how they destroyed the game, it used to be fun, i could even play it on school computers. Now not even mine will launch it. I also think thtat they should have left most of the graphics original, bcs it just looks like a totally different game now. They made it more complicated, the siplicity of it was good too.

  10. remember when servers had hundreds of players? Good times…

  11. nostalgic game. kinda depressed mope died. i love u

  12. Its not the same anymore iT was so cool back in the day trying all the different animals and trying to get to monster level we just gotta leave iT in the past

  13. This game was the best when they first added the black dragon

  14. Man.. i also remember dark sunrise, he was actually one of my very first subscribers, just suddenly after like a month or so his channel blew up xD kinda for jealous but is what it is and just kept going at my own pace.. and wow, what even is this anymore? Lots of weird map generations and skins.. lots of em.. no more 400+ players in every server.. it really has reached its dawn, maybe ill try do my own little take but idk ngl.. i tried just now and like u said here, the loading is very crap

  15. Whatever your monitors HZ is the max fps you can get up to.

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