- Becoming a Dragon! - Gameplay - Brand New .IO Game - – Becoming a Dragon! – Gameplay – Brand New .IO Game

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Welcome to Mope! is a brand new .io game where you enter the arena as a mouse and as you grow larger, you change animals. The bigger you get, the more you can eat!
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Welcome to! The brand new addictive free game with crazy gamelay. is similar to games like and games like and games like where gameplay revolves around eating berries and drinking water to stay alive. The more berries you eat, the faster you level up into different animals.

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Itro & Tobu – Cloud 9 [NCS Release]


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  1. Aw I remember when I first joined 🙂 it was a few days before the ocean was just added

  2. LWhy don't your vids last as long as 45-60 minutes..

  3. Crocs suck
    Did you know? Lions rawr super lord you can hear it

  4. Yep and now xD? Now we got new black dragon skin!

  5. Who played before the cheetah was even added??? I was!!! It was mouse, rabbit, pig, fox, lion, croc, and dragon. There was no miny maps,snow biome, oceans, lava biome, or ocean. Yep simple days…

  6. I think I have watched this more then 3 times…

  7. WTF u said u can eat predators that’s not right predators can eat u u mean prey?

  8. just know blitz, you are the man who made me go onto mope, thank you!

  9. Looking back now this may be the most upgraded io game over time

  10. Why can't i see the details? today i have the muddy effect update that Mud goes all over us today this isn't what it looks like is this 100 year's ago?

  11. Me watching this is 2020 and its sooooo different now.

  12. People from 2020 be like 👁👄👁wtf is this game

  13. Bruh play mopeio now, ITs SO MUcH BETTEr

  14. This version was lazy, and sucked. It’s fine now but when it first came out 😫😕


  16. This reminds me of the good ol' times…

  17. Oh my god
    How much this game has changed

  18. Bruh demonetization it says big sh*t for the name

  19. Bro I remember playing this the second it came out😂

  20. 21:07 thats the end of the upgrade but whats coming SOON, is the black dragon.

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