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m0dE reviews modd .io games

bboy m0dE
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you can make games at modd.io. fo realz


  1. Hey creator of braains.io, ima player of mobile version of braains.io can u please remove the lag of the version? Pls the lag disturb me on survive on the game

  2. Hey, pls help. Every time I go to the modd.io website, the whole thing is light blue and the options are white with only texts on it. Can you tell me if there is anyway to fix it? If you want, I will send you a picture of the website.

  3. HELP!!! I make four slender man skins in beta braains.io but a can't buy it. What can I do?

  4. Hey mOdE just saying can you Check out my game its called Temple of Clicking plz 🙂

  5. m0dE can u help me make units hold the debris? name of the game:Hard Braains.io | Holding Update

  6. Yo they did taekwondo dirty.They made the kamahameha so smaaaallllll

  7. m0dE! I sent you multiple emails at admin@moddio.com. You didnt respond, so is something up? Please send me an email at roman.gamer.and.maker@gmail.com.

  8. m0dE i lost my account its called Biogas and i cant recover it pls help me pls

  9. FARMERGAME are my friend and yours old account new account its called FARMERISTUFF

  10. pending 100 Accept my friendship request I'm Troll5

  11. Hey m0DE its me RIPIo, If you remember me well thats nice then, How long has it been since I played this, 3 Years? I was like 9 when I played this, Keep it up and stay safe m0dE.

  12. I bought the game that you used to use but now you don't use, will it be a problem? And I improved this game a littleModd.io _/guards vs prisoners)

  13. m0dE: ok guys see y–

  14. this dudes game is so undderated and also hes so perfect for being a youtuber

  15. Why i can't play games, when i click a game to play it nothing happens, i try to load it in another tab and the screen goes black and a bunch of gold and login stuff appears, literally half of the buttons don't work, do i need something so stuff works ?

  16. Hey m0dE wanted to reach out about a game you previously made called The Wizard Tower, was wondering what happened to it considering it has now been deleted, let me know how I can get in touch about it.

  17. ADAM. why you can do it. please in the video i dot`t know English. by the way im japan

  18. I doubt that he will actually end up reading this comment, but I did want to say that beta version (I think in 2017 maybe?) was the best version this game had ever had. Basically it was before modd.io was created and the link was still named "braains.io". This was my childhood game and I'll never forget it.

  19. hey m0de I banned dolgoon but he unbanned himself and he said he's a hacker pls i'm Reporting him he is Hacking me!

  20. At the exact moment i am typing, juke or die is not alive anymore

  21. m0dE its me matthew72 the site is down sadly can u fiix it?

  22. im a big fan of modd.io i like playing it everyday like im not doing homework because its soooo Funnn! keep it up mOdE


  24. Da Sandbox's Players aren't kind to me. I just wish the game would get at least shut down for a while.

  25. mOdE why i can use item,take and drop in my game

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