Krew - Becoming The Best Pirate! - Multiplayer Piracy Game - Gameplay -

Krew – Becoming The Best Pirate! – Multiplayer Piracy Game – Gameplay

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Today we’re playing an awesome io game called! In you can either become a ship captian or crewmember and it’s your job to attack other ships and collect cargo to improve your own ship. It’s definitely one of the best io games out there and I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thanks for watching and liking.


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Intro: Title: Richard Caddock, WRLD, Nitro Fun, Slips & Slurs & Subtact – Break The Silence
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Outro: JAWN – Duck of Doom


  1. I like when these big YouTubers review some of these fun games.


  3. i love the legeng if zeld phantom hour glass water textur

  4. I can't respawn, game freezes, anyone else experiencing this?

  5. While looking at the video, it occurred to me: "Why haven't I already subbed to this guy?"
    So I did.

  6. draegast my phones autocorrect tries to correct your name to drugs lol

  7. The reason you only got four ten is because you have to pay your crew

  8. Guys if u sub to I will sub back

  9. You sound a little bit like but dont judge me PLZ but you sound like matshea

  10. fuck he killed me i was the boat with 2 people

  11. what is the music we heard in the game please ???

  12. Draegast you are the captain of the Chanel and we subscribers are your krew.

  13. I want to play the game so bad, but sadly I can't play

    Any one know why?

  14. Krew couldn't care less for cargo, you gotta give them some action to keep them engaged

  15. They should add different classes of cannons

  16. Hey Draegast can you play KSP its cool (Kerbal Space Program).But if you do pls send me a link to that vid

  17. anyone else notice the water texture is from wind waker

  18. You dumbass you did get rge loot u were like on him so u intantly got tge supplies not loot

  19. On top it says you got the loot everyone already know this

  20. There's like a android version of this but offline and top down and can own islands it's name is dokdo

  21. 9:51, you realize that the other crew get a percentage of the loot?

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