Jolly Wangcore streams: A collection of Itch Io games -

Jolly Wangcore streams: A collection of Itch Io games

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  1. Gdi when you first said “Untitled Hand Game” my brain filled it in with “Untitled Hand Job”. Bad brain! That long sword got me thinking in the gutter

  2. I love how it specified that the first game is only available in sophisticated German, basically telling bavarians, austrians and the swiss to fuck off

  3. my game Kuggs is free on itch if you wanna try it

  4. I miss the era of flash games. 2006 was a good year.

  5. Jolly completely missed the "drag on" joke. I thought it was funny

  6. I love how the video starts with someone asking what NTR is with no context

  7. just so you are aware, Jolly. I will not watch any Elden Ring streams, from pretty much anyone. I don't give a fuck about that game, or Dark Souls, or any of the other clones. If I wanted to watch shit that is "popular", I'd still be watching ChristopherOdd.

  8. Deepest Sword is free on Steam and has a few achievements. They are pretty good.

  9. I see Jolly decided to remove the misogyny part of that stream. Nice 😀

  10. Happy Snake (author of Morning Post) also made two other games, Q.T and Library. If you want more.

  11. "Angle of attack"? I didn't expect Jolly would say such a terminology of aeronautical
    in the middle of all the dick talks.

  12. oh i'd love watching jolly play EDF!

  13. …I don't think a xylophone can even play that many notes at once 😀

  14. Jolly, do ya remember that vid of rom hacks ya did?

  15. mindustry, vampire survives, scrapquest, dome romantik….

  16. I don't want to offend you but clearly you shouldn't play logic games 😛

  17. First thing o hear, What is NTR? Typical Wangcore

  18. 30:00 ish do you know, Jolly, I hear there was a cut feature in that game where if you needed some help handling your equipment, you could go talk to the clan of hyena folk. Word is, they would be quite used to wielding the same sort of weapon regardless of individual disposition.

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