Jerma Streams - Games and Everhood (Part 0) -

Jerma Streams – Games and Everhood (Part 0)

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Jerma archived Games (The original title of this stream was “ 5 Course Meal”, and was originally streamed/recorded on December 24th, 2021)

0:00 Start of Stream
8:49 Santa’s Cookies
18:13 The Christmas Incident
33:15 Slay Bells
1:14:39 1st Brb Ends
1:16:16 Night of the Consumers
1:54:02 Slide in the Woods
2:09:00 Freeways
2:34:43 2nd Brb Ends
2:37:28 Night Shift
3:10:35 Spiders
3:16:19 Act Normal
3:18:33 Nun Massacre
3:34:38 Osteotic Bypass
3:40:46 Juice Galaxy
3:59:13 Everhood
4:57:24 3rd Brb Ends
4:59:56 Art School
5:22:47 Faith
5:31:43 Back from Discconnect
5:40:10 Back from Discconnect Again
5:44:55 End of Stream

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  1. 2:41:28 is EXACTLY how I reacted back in like 2014 to getting jumpscared for the 3rd time in Five Night's At Freddy's. The reaction just gets less and less everytime lmao.

  2. Came for the scream, stayed for the stream

  3. i would pay to see jerma play the actual powerdrill massacre game but i also feel like he’d get a heart attack from the first chase

  4. Psycho streamer KILLS customers during shift.

  5. Notice how he complains about games having terrible sensitivity, after he turns the sensitivity all the way down.

  6. jerma singlehandedly saved several lives with his ramblings while playing slide in the woods

  7. Jerma had such dilf energy this stream. It's definitely the sweater and red wine combo

  8. Jerma plays juice galaxy for only 20 minutes fuck me

  9. Everwood is if Undertale and Daft Punk had a baby with Guitar Hero.

  10. Holy shat he played nun massacre, night of the consumers, AND night shift all in one stream?? Wish I was a fan sooner

  11. Jerma holds his cataclysmic power washer piss and volcanic diarrhea for Santa and the stream. Thank you jerma

  12. That “inch of dirt” joke made me violently angry

  13. Adding this stream to the ever growing list of streams where Jerma has claimed to be able to effectively avoid being struck by melee weapons in combat, especially referencing swords and axes. It happens so often, he says it so much

  14. slurring so bad I've never seen this haha lmfao

  15. Shame he didn't play nun massacre for longer, that game is great

  16. 1:16:40 Also the Nun Massacre part was fucking nuts. I love it and seeing jerma play it, especially with the chat saying “TURN VOLUME DOWN” was hilarious and also pretty terrifying

  17. That fucking night shift screamer was insane!
    I’ve never seen Jerma or really any other streamer fucking shriek like that!

  18. Imagine you are shopping at target and a compact stressed out employee chucks a box right at you rendering you temporarily unconscious

  19. This is by far my favorite jerma stream, it's just so comfy

  20. jerma is the only social media person who can talk abt life advice stuff without making me feel anxious.

  21. that everhood custom battle was funny af ☠

  22. 1:38:30 Idk why I found this so funny. the way he just stood there, accepting his fate, while you can hear the running steps of the manager

  23. i think i've seen slay bells somewhere on youtube, it just feels so nostalgic to me

  24. He made me tear up when he told me to do my best

  25. the end of this stream has a classic Moment

  26. An inch of dirt??????? Does he mean a cubic inch????

  27. dad energy through the absolute roof this stream

  28. 21:16 I absolutely agree with Jerma. And yes I wish they did more stuff like this.

  29. I KNOW JERMA ISN'T A ROAD ENGINEER GUY but he's so obviously used to american solutions to traffic it's fun

  30. i can't believe this was almost a year ago already still one of my favorite streams

  31. 44:54 i haven't realized he was talking about dodging axes for so long

  32. you dont have to bloom, you dont have to do that shit – jerma

  33. I've seen Jerma talk about the eating an inch of dirt every meal thing twice now so I'm gonna call him eating dirt andy in the chat from now on if he ever does it again

  34. i love seeing ppl say hi to the vod, makes me feel extremely included bc i dont watch them live

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