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At last, a video on man’s greatest creation: The IO Game.

⊳RPG Music Pack by David Vitas ()
⊳RPG Music by YouFulca ()



  1. i ended up being the IT person in every class I've been in

    oh and everyone thought i was hacking when i changed the text on khan academy lol

  2. That soldier just whacked that poor kid in the face for his country

  3. if my schools sees my comment cuz im on my school account give back the dinosaur game

  4. Usually i would just play btd5 alone at lunchtime

  5. look we may have attacked other countries but we finished after this indian dude started starving and becoming african so instinctively we fed him and then a new species arose indo african non african… and thats why we gave back their country.

  6. In my school we would all play Minecraft education edition and it is lit

  7. Welp I’ve wasted half of my life on io so far :C

  8. Back in the the good ol 2015 glory days it was actually possible to survive in on your own if you were skilled enough. Now, that period is long gone, and even if you do make it to medium/large size solo you'll randomly suffer lagspikes and disconnect or get eaten.

  9. Without Browser game I wouldn't being living here

  10. whenever my classmates played think it was that) i would just get in the same game as them and snipe them

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