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  1. Hey john. I love your vids and this is my only chance to get a reply. You are my favourite YouTuber and if this is a fake channel please let me know chat

  2. basically first, been watching you since you used to do blind trading with Phantom. Keep up the good videos.

  3. Do some drugs! So you have chosen demonetization

  4. "Straight Edge you piece of shit, do some drugs!"

    -Jonsandman 2020

  5. no way, agario was my favorite game back in 2016-2018

  6. The way that Jon boosts wasting all the food he just got then boosts backing to get it again annoys the living f out of me does he not realize hes not gonna gain anything

  7. Straight edge you piece of shit do some drugs!!

  8. Ronald Reagan comes next to Jon. I will eat you Trump

  9. At 8:30 when Jon got taken down by Covid-19 I had a moment of pure sadness. I wanted Jon to win after that poetic speech abt banding together to beat this monstrosity.

  10. play fast ffa so you combine faster. i findd it way more exciting to play/watch

  11. Quote of the day: "straight edge, you piece of shit do some drugs"

  12. Dude when you called upon your people… it reminded me of Goku asking for spirit bomb power 不

  13. My school got canceled for the rest of the year

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