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.io Games and The Rise of Fake Multiplayer

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article by variety on Voodoo Games:

bot name lists:

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  1. I'm talking quietly because I have a cheap mic and the quality gets worse the louder I speak. I'm getting a new one in a couple days

  2. Great video, but it's a pain to listen to because of this guys voice

  3. Does anyone know if wingsio is legit? I got a kill streak of like 80 once and was super disappointed when someone told me it’s all probably bots.

  4. Bot multiplayer games are for people who have no other friends.

  5. I figured this out a couple years ago on my own, mainly from

    The names that really had no humor or were repetitive

    The fact that it could be played offline

    And the fact that nobody else ever used things from ads like power ups and revives

  6. I know a game Is fake when you aren’t forced to make a name and every other player has a name

  7. I thought people already know that io games are just bots, it looks so obvious ngl

  8. Hole.io is just so shameless…
    The ripped the core games concept from an Indie developer, and the blatantly lie about Bots and online play.

  9. Man somehow made a video on .IO games without talking about slither

  10. I remember always being doubtful if the mobile version of diep.io had bots or not. One round I played as a landmine, so I was just chilling invisible and another landmine came up, so I made myself visible and we both just started chilling, and then eventually a third and fourth came too. Just 4 dudes vibing, from that point I was reassured that most of the people are real.

  11. Everyone is so good at everything and I am so bad at everything that I always lose against other people. So it's more relaxing for tbh

  12. Dude, FUCK voodoo. Seriously. They rip off other people's work first of all, and then trick you into thinking you're actually playing with other people when you're not? I mean damn. I felt really dumb when I realized paper.io or whatever was 100% bots. They even program them to do dumb stuff sometimes so it seems like a real person.


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