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I Won A MASSIVE Battle Royale Against Countries in Territorial.io…

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it’s about time
I Committed Atrocities in this Roblox History Game…
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  1. Like a good neighbor state farm is rhere

  2. At minute 3:03 I was island boi I actually was playing that day cool drew killed me 😂

  3. “Spain without the S”

    This is what I call home.

  4. My comments aren’t visible on your normal channel, why would you do this to me, Drew? 🙁

  5. Drew white flag is surrender, which basically tells people to eat you lol or you're going all in and then leaving.
    Also the brackets tag thing in comments actually works and it'll auto put you in games with anyone with that tag, especially team games.

  6. I think it’s funny when Drew randomly switches to speaking AAVE

  7. You should play Waterloo and look for a nation recruitment camp and join. Attend stuff and do MASSIVE 1,500k people line battles

  8. 17:35 "I"m still good boi, I got one more island." Frank be fighting until the last rock!

  9. If you are in the same faction and do teams you’ll be on the the same team.

  10. I actually do this with a friend of mine… but we play better than both Drew and Frank, so we win quite frequently. No too often, but it works

  11. Hi I am a player from OG and play team games mostly.
    You can put a clan tag in front of ur username in game to stay on the same team
    E.g. [OG] La Paz
    Sorry for advert, bu if u wanna play, come to OG!!


  13. if you put brackets in front of your name you can be in the same team in team battle [

  14. Need drew vs Dave in territorial in my life, please make it happen

  15. Yo drew put [DDIAC] after your name, it means "drew durnil is a chad" it's also how you can team ingame

  16. I was Android 939 and I just lost intrest in the game, wouldve made a push if i knew it was you haha lmao

  17. You should do dictators no peace as Afghanistan

  18. bro i joined the same lobby with u guys but im not in the video haha

  19. I love how eireland owned most of Europe except ireland

  20. Hey look cool. Frank has the Kurzgesagt calendar.

  21. Also a tip boat attacks do more than land attacks that's why in the first game they sent a boat to you

  22. Drew if you click on people on the leaderboard the camera goes to them so it will help to defeat the nations with all the small islands.

  23. U can click on the leaderboard and it will take you to the territories that they are owned by that player

  24. i took over all of europe and there were 200 people.i took them all at once

  25. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS. I have this game and thus means more people might get it.
    (Because it's free)
    Then more multiplayer games can fill.

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