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I Spent 100 Minutes Upgrading Weapons In Survivor io

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In those 100 minutes I really learned the best way to play this game: Become unstoppably powerful and charge into every single enemy you can see. It’s a charming strategy that I plan on using in many other parts of my life.

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  1. F A U C E T F O R W A T E R (idk why i did this.)

  2. only reason i uninstalled survival io, is bc the ads that found a way in

  3. I've beaten this game before its really easy

  4. active & friendly clan No Prob-Llama (2 Ls in the name). See you in the game.

  5. This bozo went right over the force field and still didn’t take it, my guy the dogs are almost impossible without and you had energy drink to evolve it ☠

  6. I’m going through my phone and it says that I need to go i m the first one is the first one that is in my room I don’t have to do that but the first is a bit of the same but I think it is a bit different than what I was going for and it looks really nice I don’t think it will fit the other two I don’t think it’s the right one I just don’t know if it will be a big one but it is the right size and it’s a really good one and it’s really cute I like the way the one with a big little hole on it and I like it better I like it I like it more I think it’s like the other ones that you can get the one that fits the other ones the other ones the one with like a small hole and I like it fits me I like it is the other ones are like a big hole and and then I like it has like the other ones like a small size so it’s a big hole in there like the other ones I don’t know what r they r they are the other ones that are like the other ones that you have to be able see if they have to be like the other one is like the other ones that I think it’s a little big smaller and then😢

  7. use bricks, its opuse the cactus thing, defends u from dogs

  8. Idk why. If I see xp bonus, I will pick that. I mean more fast xp gain = more skill


  10. This game was fun I uninstalled it after not too long

  11. DF is the only man to see a good ability or item and not F*CKING USE IT

  12. I got a surivor io ad before watching this video

  13. Thank you so much for this video. I did the same exact strategy and I beat it.

  14. :new tip always upgrade your weapon that you have equipped

  15. If you true max level the guardians spinny thing you are un touchable

  16. The evo for the black drone is the wight drone and the evo for the wight drone is the black drone

  17. Seeing him pass the force field every time pains me

  18. When df makes the wrong choices at the start. PAIN

  19. I spent at least an hour looking for this on captainsparkles as I was watching a lot of him and got dangerously funny and capten confused lol

  20. The whistle thingy is from gardian of the galaxy

  21. watching him not get the forcefield hurt me

  22. Watching him not strategize is painful😡

  23. I am not trying to be mean but how did you not get to lvl 2

  24. He needs to focus on the force field and guardian

  25. The Molotov weopon reminds me of barley’s super from brawl stars

  26. watching DF hurts my soul sometimes lol. seeing upgrades basically doubling his dmg and he just picks something like more hp or something small. i figured every1 would focus on something lol well, more entertaining

  27. I have this game on my phone it is so fun and my favorite combinations of deadly things are the gardians + forcefield, so nothing can touch me drone A + B to get the destroyer and the fire. As well as the magnet to help gain xp while in my little bubble. 😀

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