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I Made the Same Game in 8 Engines

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Games Featured:
A Short Hike
Hollow Knight
The Demise of Flappy Bird

Gears 5
Octopath Traveler
Street Fighter 5
Hogwarts Legacy

The Ballad of Bonky
Dome Keeper
A Most Extraordinary Gnome
Fist of the Forgotten

Hyper Light Drifter
Katana Zero

Small Saga
There is no Game
Guinea Pig Parkour

Ball Challenge 2
Spent Shells
Gods From the Abyss

Lisa: The Painful
To the Moon

Snail Platformer
Paper Minecraft
Micro Kingdom
Color Swipe: Jungle!


  1. Why does bro have the Indian head wobble when he talks

  2. in the intro, his head moves like a Karen's head 😅

  3. g develop and construct are easy to use as i can see

  4. Now this is smart to understand what fits for different people

  5. Cool video. I'm not a programmer, but is Swift an option? I know you're using Windows, but are these engines just for making PC games, or can you make mobile games using them?

  6. i like atribute invcrease where if you meet a certain condition physics are modified to the character model like movement speed jump heigh strengh what you can break in the enviroment depending on how strong you are or how enemies are percieved based on lvl like if you under leveld their really fast or very tanky or one shot you or a combination of 3

  7. this guy slapped existing rivalries, literally way ahead of our from our understanding 💀

  8. I usually use scratch, but I think construct is perfect. It's like a combination of two game engines I used to use. It's similar to ready maker(behavior s and events), and making the sprite appearances feels like scratch. I may be able to be an actual game dev!

  9. i created ROLLED available on GooglePlay with GameMaker and i love this engine ⭐️

  10. Awesome video! Subbed!

    I've worked a lot in Unreal Engine since it came out and until a couple of generations ago. I've tried GameMaker but got frustrated, and then I've been trying to learn Unity. I think what I want to do would be perfect in both Unreal and Unity. Godot seems interesting as well! I guess I need a simple project and get cracking!

  11. Hard as hell mode: Use a mobile game engine to make a PC game

  12. All of these game engines have their advantages and disadvantages. Absolutely nothing is disadvantageless and that will never change. Overall, which one should you use most is up to you, and you can definitely use more than one primary engine.

    Overall, the best place to start is Scratch when developing games, then keep progressing until you find the engine(s) that's best for you.

  13. For a commercial Godot game: New Sonic game was made with a customized Godot.

  14. I like your style! Especially the afro it fits you so well

  15. Using a bowl of cheese puffs, a fortune cookie, and an ocean background in the same game is the most Scratch thing I’ve ever seen and I love it

  16. I first time seeing this channel. I want to be the computer character for Halloween this year.

  17. For RPG Maker, it shouldn't have been hard to set it as a sky and make the event fall down. I have maps that has a sky where there are events that fly through it. Sone interact with the players.

  18. Great video and insight. Unity, Developer Bakin, RPG maker, and Unreal Engine seems to be my top picks for my official project to start (hopefully) soon. Thank you.

  19. Ahhh if only you had picked up Coppercube 6! the easiest 3D game engine of them all 😀

  20. This video is actually really good for people who want to start game development but don't know where to start. I've been wanting to create a story game for a while, but I didn't know where to start, This video showed me RPG Maker and that seems very promising! You earned a sub. 👍

  21. This video is badass! You're going places, my friend

  22. Glad to see the pool's closed guy following his dreams 👍👍

  23. As an experimented Rpg maker user, I can say you that the software is capable of so many things than a simply Rpg. Depend the version you can code in different programing languages and make any kind of things. But requires a lot of time…

  24. cool but it would be better if you stick with same assets with every engine. for example find a 2d sprite assets and make the same game with every 2d assets with every engine, it would be really cool way to compare.

  25. Wtf how did you maked a game in scratch are you mad

  26. Now that's called dedication. I love Godot C#, it's superior to Unreal Engine 5. I've been working on the Godot C# for awhile, and i'm probably going to work on it on the side as a hobby developer/indie developer. I have a lot of good ideas and inventions for the real world. I'm not kidding. 😉

  27. Wow that was a very simple way to demonstrate how each engine works! So cool!! I’m very excited to try make a super simple game so simple game tutorials are a starting point for me!! Great work!!

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