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I Made a Fake Multiplayer .io Game

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I Made a Fake Multiplayer .io Game

With the rise of .io games and fake multiplayer games, I tried making a fake online game with bots. Here’s out it turned out!

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  1. i hate whenever i recreate minecraft instead of a .io game

  2. krunker sure as hell doesn't have fake players I can tell you that skill levels can be way diff and some people are just plain toxic lol

  3. In other words you just made an io game

  4. So, I’ve been getting owned by AI online?

  5. “I accidentally made minecraft from scratch” relatable.

  6. Voodoo be like: i am 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  7. some .io's make you rage so you wanna beat that person but its too big so you try and try until you win and finally be happy or just realize you wasted like 10 hours on beating just 1 person

  8. Make it to work to when they spawn that take a couple of seconds to “look around “ and not immediately run after the player

  9. Im not really suprised if .io games are not reqlly multiplqyer but… its addictiiiiiing

  10. When you play a .Io your not playing against bots

  11. yeah. pepole are probualy notice that the game isint multyplayer, beacuse the download is 2MB.

  12. "I need to add more names cause it wouldn't be believable if 3 people had the same name"

    Me just loading up the game: Someone with the same name spawns 2 feet away from the person I'm fighting

  13. I had a Genshin Impact ads when clicking this video.

  14. If u put fortnite kid everybody would think it’s multiplayer lmao u gotta have bs names like that and shit like fijatubbvavsdbanapdb but like 20 different variations of it and also stuff like youareabot and yourmom69 those are believable usernames lmao agar.io too, then put the most common ones as ____yt so when people see that over and over again they just like o eventho this game is dead this tryhard is still here lmao

  15. Did you uplaod it to mobile yet? Cause i wanna play it too.

  16. i really like you making V.G.s but i wish you could make chrome labtop games

  17. What engine you use to do games i want this what you created a"you probably want to survive"

  18. there should be a 1 in 678 that an ai is guy with an orange Gi

  19. ah yes, resistance give resistance, speed give speed and strength give blast resistance and aqua affinity

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