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I Found a FREE Battle Royale World Conquest Game! (Territorial.io)

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This is the best world conquest grand strategy game…
I Forced DISASTERS On Every Continent Until 1 Left
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  1. When he said Soviet Union I was like: hope

  2. Tip: take smaller islands so when you lose the mainland, they wont see you!

  3. I started playing this game after seeing this video, and for the first time in forever, I finally won! Also, be sure to always take an area near smaller islands and wait out the other people. That’s how I won the entire game

  4. Every continent need to be India's pets and India is impossible to defeat according to science

  5. Poor Drew drunil 30 December, 2021

  6. U make bad decisions not helping people
    Beating eaten

  7. Where did he get that we should not attack above 20 Percent?It WILL be so hard to take over anybody. But your troops on 50 percent

    ottoman: HEHE IM GREEEEEEK

  9. I love Kazakh Khanate! I bored in Kazakhstan. My country name: Sona Empire lol

  10. ez i downloaded this game and in like 11 rounds and like i won 8 times!

  11. he tried to attack someone but instead exported materials

  12. Balance nearby the India is Andaman and nicobar and Lakshadweep

  13. 0:12 Wow ada "Kontolodon Empire" (Penonton Windah Basudara pasti ngerti 🙂

  14. I always win in single player and multi player!

  15. The game sucks, its always servers with bots that go hard on you by teaming.

  16. I played this game like three times and every time i didn’t defend i just kept attacking and i won all 3 times

  17. ah gosh . It's been one year since i play this game . Was a top 10 in december . Time goes ………

  18. I was the Soviet Union but after that round like a couple rounds later I changed my username to USSR

  19. drew knows the lord of the ring with imladris/rivendell

  20. tip: always be quick and try to expand the territory as much as you can

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