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I downloaded 10 more BAD GAMES from itch.io…

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itch.io fan games opened my eyes.
Today qzeq goes on a hunt on itch.io for the best free indie games. And of course finds the worst.
From leaked Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga to some asset flips with literally a single thing in the entire game – these are the weirdest and worst itch.io games i could find 😀
Endless amounts of Amongus fangames, Mario fangames and some original titles as far as the eye can see! Only on itch.io

📕 Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:47 AmogUS: Anime Edition
01:35 Amogus 2: Attack of The Sus
02:02 COD: Mario Warfare
02:55 Super Mario 64 FPS
03:36 The WHAT land? 😳
04:45 Escape Le Monke’s Lair
05:30 Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga LEAKED ALPHA
05:58 Monke
06:40 Super Mario Forever
07:25 Sussy Baka Dating Sim
08:18 Outro

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  1. I only came here just to see the thumbnail

  2. Sussy baka dating sim kinda looks like… summertime saga 😳

  3. Can i have the "oh oh stinky" song it sounds good

  4. The super Mario 64 fps you have to shoot the gumbas multiple times.

  5. I think the Super Mario Forever is a virus, Muta made a vid on that game

  6. is he using a virtual machine or does he hate his pc

  7. 8:03 me : uuuh ok i i think its an option
    microwave : 911 whats your emergency
    me : i need all the freaking fbi here right now , E V E R Y S I N G L E O N E agent of the fbi RIGHT NOW

  8. i was here for the thumbnail and got mario instead

  9. Does super mario forever counnnntttttt????????–

  10. I hate the fact that I've actually played "Escape Le Monke's Lair" before, as well as "Monke."

  11. i want to play the le monkey game but its not working it keeps saying i have to download unreal engine then it says download failed how play monkE

  12. and i thought 8-bitryan was impressive for fitting 3 games into 20 minutes.

  13. I'm not liking this video… It is on 6969 likes… it's perfect….

  14. 2016 : Overwatch ,Inside ,Uncharted
    2021 : Sussy Baka Dating Simulator….


  15. Im just here to say that this is the first video i watched on your channel and i decided to write this to boost u in the algorithm cuz ur content is amazing.

  16. in super Mario 64, every enemy isn't invincible, they just need to get shot enough times

  17. No way… I was just randomly watching this video and this guy pulls up my game (amogus 2). Why did nobody tell me this. I’m five months late 😩

  18. monke epic fart run survival is 10/10 from ign

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