I Conquered the World in This Map Game... | State.io - bladeofgame.com

I Conquered the World in This Map Game… | State.io

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What if All Continents Fell the Ocean…
Germany, USSR, and Austria-Hungary COUNTRYBALL Plushies!

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  1. This reminds me of that one territorial game you played in cool math games a long time ago

  2. Who else has played this game to level 1485

  3. Petition for Drew’s imposter kidnapper whatever to put a Yugoslavian flag in the background. (Day 8463)

  4. Day 7 of asking Druuwu to play Warfare 1944

  5. Day 290 of asking Drew to play Minecraft earthmc.

  6. This is a game related to this, but can you play country balls: World War

  7. Drew you should play Polandball not safe for world. It is cool😊

  8. more like state OHIO

    i would like to say i am dissiapointed in my self for saying this…


  9. Me, an arizonan, when drew mentions my state. Gotta leave a like

  10. If you drag the arrow to a friendly territory and move the arrow to an enemy territory it send both territories troops

  11. Hey drew can you play Countryballs at War game ?

  12. That’s crazy! I played that game before and it was so good!!

  13. yes, please play PvP for this and Risk too 😀

  14. I had this game before I watched this video

  15. Dude I’ve played this game for years I’m glad drew found it!

  16. Druuu when you are playing put all your troops in one state enthin attack with the big one


  18. why do i feel like the game is full of bots, i played for 3 days and was top 1 legend

  19. if kids ever want to learn the value of reinvested dividends, play this game. the more you invest your wins into yourself the more you succeed in the future. its exponential math.

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