How to - Play games with Bottles -

How to – Play games with Bottles

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NOTICE: Need Bottles 2022.5.28-3 or greater to work.

Setup script:

How to install Bottles?

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  1. I have a problem. Every time I run Magix Video I get the error "Wine C++ Runtime Library – Assertion failed!Program C:Program FilesMAGIXVideo Pro X14video_proi_x.exeFile: dlls/dbghelp/cpu_x86_64.cLine: 650Expression: "lcsw->is32"Press OK to exit the program, or Cancel to start the Wine Debugger. "So the program starts and I'm in there, but the clip monitor is just a black screen and also the effects are blacked out. Do you know what I can do or why this error is happening?

  2. how to share files between wine and linux with bottles? does bottles havewill have such feature? i have problem running a game installer can't find .bin file i'v tried running with terminal and doesn't work. sorry for the inconvenience i know you guys are working hard on bottles, looking forward for more improvements, stability, features etc.

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